Every school has a unique personality, so to best capture this we provide expert direction for our video films, to really see the school, children and staff in a genuine light. We capture them inside and outside, at work and play, showing study, sport, music and crafts – carefully crafted in to a professional, promotional video to tell your school’s story.

Videos with impact!


If you’re looking for a short film to make an impact online and boost your school’s image, you’re in the right place!

We make films that promote your school’s ethos and culture, add personality and tell your story. After taking a careful brief your video will be filmed and edited by our acclaimed, in-house film maker.

We offer interviews with staff and pupils, or we can tell your school’s story with a professionally conceived and edited short video, tailored to your school’s character and ethos.

Your school story on film


A beautifully conceived and filmed video about your school, made after careful consultation to gain an understanding of your school’s ethos and personality.

We will feature pupils and staff, at work and at play, throughout the school day and in many different environments. Professionally edited with graphics, text and music to showcase your syllabus and facilities, but always focussing on your best asset – your students and staff team.

Talking Heads Videos


Short, personal introductions filmed with key staff. Talking heads videos can be an introduction from the Head, a welcome from a department lead or a hello from any of the SLT. Your videos can be used on your website, integrated in to your 360° virtual tour or used in social media.

Drone Footage


We capture high-resolution birds-eye video footage of your educational institution and can also lead the 3D tours in from these showreels. 



The key to a successful school video is planning. The important points to consider are the weather, the timetable, the curriculum and the availability of staff, students, locations and facilities.


  • We recommend allocating one member of staff to liaise with the video production crew before and during the filming. Together we can formulate a filming schedule that causes minimum disruption to the everyday running of the school.


  • Select a cross section of well behaved students from across the age groups who are willing and able to ‘star’ in the various curriculum scenarios. This ensures the filming process runs smoothly.


  • Hiring a two man film crew to film simultaneously in different parts of the school means twice as much footage can be filmed in a day. A well planned schedule ensures we are in the right classroom at the right time and can illustrate your school in the best light.


  • Using a voiceover artist to narrate the film guarantees that key information is clearly and concisely delivered to potential parents and students. We can help you write the script and select an appropriate voiceover artist.


  • Our equipment delivers broadcast quality high definition footage that can be viewed on multiple platforms such as mobile devices, computers and TV screens. The cameras are relatively small and easy to manoeuvre enabling us to work quickly with a minimum amount of disturbance.